Overcoming Fear & Uncertainty Through Values Clarification

This month we’re continuing with our series on values. Last month we discussed how important it was to understand the connection between values and anxiety. This month, as we head into spending more time with family during the holidays, we understand that this may not always mean the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. The holidays can bring back memories of uncertainty and fear for many. Therapy is based on the idea that instead of trying to eliminate or suppress negative emotions, we should learn to accept them as a part of our human experience. It teaches us to stay present in the moment and make choices aligned with our values rather than being controlled by fear. Read on to learn how we can integrate our values into becoming more vulnerable and overcoming fear and uncertainty with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

When I first started practicing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), it felt counterintuitive. How could acceptance of fear help me overcome it? But as I delved deeper into this approach, I realized that by accepting my fears and uncertainties without judgment, I could free myself from their grip. Instead of pushing them away or avoiding them, I learned to sit with these uncomfortable emotions and acknowledge their presence. By doing so, I reclaimed power over my own thoughts and emotions.

Through ACT, I also discovered the importance of clarifying my personal values. Identifying what truly matters to me allowed me to set clear intentions for how I wanted to live my life. By aligning my actions with these values despite any fears or uncertainties that may arise, I found a new sense of purpose and direction. Overcoming fear became less about achieving a specific outcome, but more about staying true to myself and living authentically.

How to Become More Vulnerable Through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

overcoming fear with acceptance and commitment therapy

Overall, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy provided me with a fresh perspective on overcoming fear and uncertainty through embracing vulnerability. It taught me that true courage does not lie in eradicating our fears but in accepting them. Vulnerability is one of the most easily said and hardest-done skills you can have in your emotional toolbox. A Google Search for “how to become vulnerable” returns nearly 800 million results. Brené Brown’s Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability has been viewed over 20 million times. People crave vulnerability, yet it’s still one of the most difficult skills to perfect. Identifying your fears and clarifying your values through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a great first step toward vulnerability.

Embracing Values for a Happier, Calmer Life

Embracing our values is the key to living a happier and calmer life. Throughout my journey with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), I have come to realize that it is not about suppressing negative emotions or striving for constant happiness. Instead, it is about accepting all aspects of ourselves and aligning our actions with our core values.

When we live in alignment with our values, we are more likely to experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It gives us clarity on what truly matters to us and helps us make choices that are in line with our authentic selves. Embracing values also allows us to let go of the need for external validation and comparison, fostering inner peace and contentment.

Furthermore, by focusing on our values, we shift our attention away from the uncontrollable external circumstances that often cause stress and anxiety. We instead direct it towards what we can control – our thoughts, actions, and reactions. This empowers us to create a positive impact on ourselves and those around us. Embracing values not only enhances our personal well-being but also strengthens relationships as we connect authentically with others who share similar values.

Let’s Start Exploring

Selena Soni Licensed Clinical Social Worker Scottsdale Anxiety Therapist.Ultimately, choosing to embrace your own set of core values provides a compass for navigating through life’s challenges while staying true to yourself. It invites self-reflection, growth, compassion towards yourself and others, and an overall sense of fulfillment that goes beyond temporary happiness. So, start exploring your values today; you might be surprised at how they can give new meaning to your experiences. If you’re in the Scottsdale area, we can help with this with in-office therapy appointments or if you prefer, we have teletherapy appointments for anyone in the state of Arizona, Oregon, or Washington. I’ve seen firsthand what Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can do for overcoming fear and uncertainty through values and I would love to help you today. 


Selena Soni, LCSW Scottsdale therapist for anxiety, depression, stress and life transitions.
Selena Soni, LCSW is the founder and lead therapist at MUV Counseling. She specializes in helping clients overcome loss of self, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

Selena has 15+ years experience in the mental health field. She received her Bachelors Degree from Portland State University (1999) and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Arizona State University (2005). Learn more about Selena here.

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