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Scottsdale Therapy - Conditions We Can Help You With

MUV Counseling strives to offer the best counseling in Scottsdale. We make it easy for you to get help from an experienced, licensed counselor that specializes in treating a number of conditions, including the following:

Depression Counseling

Depression is a common mood disorder that can be anything from mild and situational to a serious psychological issue. 

Depression negatively affects the way you feel, think, and act. Luckily, many times, it cycles through on its own, as the situation causing it changes. 

However, when that isn’t the case, and the depression lingers or worsens, you should consider seeking depression therapy. Even severe depression can be treated. And the prognosis for improvement or recovery is often excellent.

It’s a common misconception that depression is just sadness. Although sadness and grief are two of the symptoms, there are many additional depression symptoms. 

In depression, energy, focus, and interest in previously enjoyable activities will often decrease. And in some cases, feelings of worthlessness are emphasized, and thoughts may even focus on self-harm or suicide due to the painful negative feelings.

If you’re in the Scottsdale area and are considering depression counseling, Selena Soni, LCSW of MUV Counseling, a Scottsdale psychotherapist, can help. In therapy, there are many different treatment approaches. Since Selena is proficient in a number of different treatment methods for depression, she will endeavor to match you with a depression treatment that will best help you.

You can feel better. So take the first step and call now at 480.300.2635 or just click the button below to send a message.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Counseling

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a specific mental health condition that’s triggered by traumatic life events. This disorder usually includes a number of symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts about the event. All these symptoms may go away quickly or last for months and interfere with your daily life.

PTSD is common in military veterans as a response to traumatic scenes they’ve seen on the battlefield. This disorder also negatively affects their families, who’re usually unable to provide effective help.

Conditions related to PTSD are adjustment disorders, acute stress disorder, disinhibited social engagement disorder, and dissociative identity disorder.

With the right PTSD treatment, PTSD symptoms can be reduced. The healing process takes time and a lot of work.

Seeking help from a therapist is a great first step if you have PTSD. Selena Sona of MUV Counseling has more than 15 years of experience helping clients who were struggling with their mental health. 

We believe that personal growth and transformation is a lifelong journey and that everyone deserves to feel happy and want to help.

If you want to talk about ways we can help you feel better, just give us a call MUV Counseling at 480.300.2635, or click the button below to send a message.

Agoraphobia Counseling

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder. Agoraphobia causes individuals to avoid places and situations that trigger feelings of being trapped, helpless, embarrassed, scared, or can even cause panic attacks.

Agoraphobia may often result in symptoms such as a panic attack, which may include rapid heartbeat and nausea. The symptoms may only occur when being exposed to stress or before entering the dreaded situation. 

This condition not only causes discomfort and anxiety, but it can also be debilitating because it can be so severe that you’ll find yourself avoiding people and daily activities that may trigger your phobia.

Many individuals with agoraphobia may realize that their fear, stress, and anxiety isn’t rational. Still, they are powerless to do anything about it. If you think you have agoraphobia, it’s not hopeless. Selena Soni, a Scottsdale therapist, has helped many clients feel better through agoraphobia counseling.

Given the nature of agoraphobia, it’s a condition that is often more comfortably treated through online counseling for agoraphobia. Online counseling, also known as teletherapy, is a convenient and secure way to receive treatment. And MUV Counseling offers teletherapy for agoraphobia. As well as for most other conditions that we treat. 

Counseling can help you in your healing process and help you overcome your fears. The right therapist and the right approach will help you reach your goal of overcoming your phobias. 

If you’re struggling with agoraphobia and would like to know the options available for agoraphobia treatment, don’t hesitate to contact my counseling center in Scottsdale to talk about it at 480.300.2635 or click the button below to send a message. I will do my very best to make sure you get help.

Counseling for Adjustment Disorders

The term adjustment disorder refers to a group of conditions that occur in people who are having difficulty coping with stressful life events. 

Events such as the death of a loved one, relationship, marriage, family issues, being fired from work, having trouble finding a new job or a new medical diagnosis can all trigger adjustment disorder.

The inability to adjust to stressful life situations can lead to severe psychological symptoms and, in some cases, physical symptoms. 

There are six types of adjustment disorders. And they can affect both adults and children.

Luckily, with the right adjustment disorders counseling and a good counselor, adjustment disorders can often be overcome. 

If you live in Scottsdale or the surrounding areas and have difficulty coping with stressful life events, please don’t hesitate to contact MUV Counseling. Scottsdale based MUV Counseling is a great choice for adjustment disorder treatment.

At MUV Counseling in Scottsdale, Arizona, you get therapy with heart. Our founder and counselor, Selena Soni, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience. And she has the experience, training, and compassion to get you back on the right track. 

So if you are struggling with adjustment disorder symptoms, call my Scottsdale counseling center at 480.300.2635 or just click the button below to send me a message.

Mood disorders related to General and Chronic Medical Conditions

Mood disorders and Chronic medical conditions are common yet often underdiagnosed. It is normal to feel sad or discouraged after an acute health condition like a heart attack, stroke or a cancer diagnosis. 

It is also normal to feel sad and grieve a loss of self when diagnosed with a chronic medical condition like Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkensons or chronic pain. 

The physical and psychological changes needed to address medical illness can trigger many symptoms of adjustment disorders, anxiety and depression. After any of these diagnoses it can be hard to accept the new reality and cope with the changes associated with the diagnosis and the ongoing treatment required.  

Living with a chronic illness challenges an individual’s sense of self as many aspects of life changes with new medical diagnosis from physical abilities, to daily habits, and at times even family traditions. It’s normal to feel grief and sadness as you come to know your condition and its impact on your life. 

It is important to address the mood symptoms and not accept or dismiss them as a normal part of having a chronic illness. Effective treatment for mood disorders is available and can help improve medical illness or condition.

Counseling for Co-occurring Issues

Mood, anxiety, personality disorders, and schizophrenia can often overlap with drug, alcohol, gambling, and sex addiction. All these conditions affect how you act, react to stress, feel, perceive the world, interact with others, and maintain relationships.

Addictions are often used as coping mechanisms to help individuals deal with the struggles of mental illness. Understanding the link between mental health, addictions, and co-occurring issues is the key to help yourself or your loved ones get treatment or counseling and begin recovery. 

In some cases, substance abuse and addictions can cause mental illness, while in other cases, the opposite occurs, thus the name co-occurring disorders. That’s because both mental health and addictive disorders arise from the same factors, such as brain chemistry and trauma.

With the help of a good psychotherapist, you can work on your co-occurring issues and overcome your addiction. Seeking help from a licensed therapist and going to regular counseling sessions will play a huge role in your healing process.

If you would like to talk about how therapy can help you with this, just call at 480.300.2635, or click the button below to send me a message.

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At MUV Counseling in Scottsdale, Arizona, you get therapy with heart. Our founder and licensed counselor, Selena Soni, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience helping her clients feel better and improve their lives. And she has the experience, training, and compassion to get you back on the right track. 

You are probably looking at this page because you or someone you care about is struggling with some aspect of life. I’m Selena Soni, LCSW. I founded MUV Counseling with the goal of providing the best psychotherapy Scottsdale has to offer. 

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