Q. Do you accept insurance?

A. MUV Counseling is not contracted with any insurance companies. Our availability for of Out of Network Benefits is as follows - You will need to contact your insurance provider by calling the support number on the back of your insurance card to find out your plan’s out-of-network coverage and how you claim it when available. If arranged in advance MUV counseling will provide you with a superbill.

Q. How much does therapy cost?

A. You can see all of our fees here. Therapy sessions range from $155 - $275. We also have sliding fee availability.

Q. How long is the intake session?

A. The standard meeting time for an intake session is 50-75 minutes and will be determined based on requested services and needs. Most intake sessions take place in our Scottsdale counseling center, but we can accommodate you with an online intake session if you prefer - or live out of the area.

Q. What should I expect in a therapy session?

A. The standard meeting time for counseling/psychotherapy is 45-50 minutes. It is up to you, however, to determine the length of time of your sessions and make requests in advance if more time is wanted, needed and can be accommodated.

Q. Can I move from walk + talk therapy to in office therapy in Scottsdale or to online therapy (or vice versa)?

A. The therapist will help guide the appropriateness of locations based on symptoms and therapeutic needs. But generally, the answer is “Yes, because you know what you need.”

Q. What is Accelerated Resolution Therapy?

A. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a targeted eye movement therapy that produces rapid results when treating depression, anxiety, phobias and PTSD. ART helps to reconsolidate memories resulting in a reduction of negative sensations, negative emotions and an overall relief from the problem that was targeted in session. Sessions can be conducted in-person or through online therapy.

Q. What landmarks are close to your Scottsdale counseling center?

A. Our counseling center is on Camelback Rd., near the intersection of N. 75th St.. It’s only a few blocks from the Scottsdale Entertainment District and the Arizona Canal Trail.

Q. Do you offer online therapy?

Yes, we are both licensed therapists, authorized to practice anywhere in Arizona. We carry additional licensure to provide therapy to residents in Oregon Tennessee, and Washington state too! We have successfully treated many clients with teletherapy.

Q. Do you offer cognitive behavioral therapy in Scottsdale?

A. We sure do. CBT is a cornerstone of modern therapy. And if it’s right for you, we can provide cognitive behavioral therapy in-person in Scottsdale or via telehealth if you reside out of town or simply prefer using online methods. CBT works great either way!

Q. How do I choose the right Scottsdale therapist?

A. When looking for therapy in Scottsdale/Arizona/Oregon/Washington/Tennessee (or anywhere else, for that matter), two of the most important factors are as follows.
1) Experience in treating the condition you are dealing with. This is because you will want someone who has enough experience to know the best way to treat you.
2.) Compatibility with the therapist. If you are not comfortable with the therapist, you will have a more difficult time opening up to them. Which may make the treatment you are receiving less effective.

Q. How do I know that you can help me?

A. That’s something we can best figure out together and one of the primary reasons we offer a free consultation before the first session. We are proficient in many treatments, so we can effectively treat numerous conditions and different personality types. But the personal aspect is important too. And for that, we really need to see how we relate to each other. So if you are looking for a good counselor, give us a call and let’s talk!