Walk + Talk Therapy

What is Walk + Talk Therapy

Walk + Talk Therapy also called walk and talk therapy, is a relatively new, innovative counseling method. Instead of sitting isolated in an office, we focus on moving forward, confronting our fears, and overcoming them.

Walk + Talk Therapy is just as it sounds— the client and the therapist are outside walking during therapy, instead of sitting inside an office.

This counseling method encourages people to be more physically active to promote both mental and physical well-being.

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Our mind is connected to our body, and when our body moves, our mind is more open to the present moment and change. That’s why it’s crucial to establish a healthy and balanced relationship between our mind and body. The focus on negative thoughts is shifted towards moving, breathing, and just enjoying a good talk by walking.


Walking can be a mindfulness exercise in allowing the horizon to keep one present, helping those who need to be outside the confines of four walls.

How we treat therapy

How it Can Help

With walk and talk therapy, you can enjoy a good walk and communication with your therapist.

Benefits include . . .

  • clearer thought processes and open-minded brainstorming abilities,
  • a decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety,
  • feeling less inhibited and more in touch with feelings,
  • an increase in confidence and feelings of empowerment and mastery, and
  • the reinforcement of the use of walking as a healthy coping mechanism.

Who It Can Help

walk + talk therapy can be useful in treating include anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, bereavement, and anger-related issues.

Individuals may benefit who . . .

  • are looking for an alternative to the in-office session but want to maintain the in-person therapeutic approach;

  • would like to create a significant change in their lifestyle by incorporating physical movement, talk therapy, healthy habits, and positivity; would benefit from the meditative and energizing effects of walking in nature and getting fresh air.



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