Coping with Change through Life Transitions Counseling

Coping with Change through Life Transitions Counseling

Major transitions are a part of life. They can sometimes be the result of a change for the better. At other times, they occur due to a tragedy.

Even when the transition happens because of a positive change, there is still stress associated with any significant shift in life. Each change is accompanied by its unique stressors.

This can make the process of adjusting to these changes extremely difficult, even in the face of something that would otherwise be positive. 

In fact, any life change can cause you to experience a significant amount of stress. And in some cases, the change can even result in an adjustment disorder.

Almost everyone finds it helpful to talk about their situation. And with life transitions people may have a harder time talking about their discomfort or difficulties because these things seem like they should be “no problem” or “this is a normal part of life and I should be handling it better.”  

When it’s difficult to talk to friends or family members about  mental health-related issues and life transitions, many find it beneficial to seek transition counseling.

Transition counseling is simply the act of getting support when a transition in life is getting you stuck. Counseling is an effective coping strategy and a great path towards personal growth.


What Is Transition Counseling?

Transition counseling uses evidenced based treatment methods from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT). Transitions counseling uses the specialized skills in CBT and ACT to help you get focused on the major change in your life so you can excel.

Sometimes called life transitions therapy, it is designed to help you develop the coping skills you need to deal with those changes successfully.

Your counselor can help you understand why you are struggling with the changes in your life and provide you with additional tools to help you get through each day.

Transition counseling can be effective for all major life transitions.

It’s important that you understand that all people react to life changes differently. Therefore, you may find yourself struggling with something that may not necessarily pose an issue for someone else.


Reasons People Seek Transition Counseling

There are many reasons that someone may choose to seek transition counseling. 

Just like any other time someone is going through difficult times, life transition therapy sessions can be beneficial.

Moving to a new city, going to school, getting married or divorced, or experiencing the death of a loved one are just a few of the reasons people seek transition counseling.

man sitting on a couch with his hand touching his forehead and looking problematic

You may also choose to go to counseling when you start a family or when your child goes off to college. Any life change that puts an emotional strain on you qualifies as a reason to seek counseling.

Getting a new job or losing an existing one is a primary reason people seek transition counseling. Losing a pet or experiencing a change in routine might also be why you choose to seek help in the form of counseling.

When it’s all said and done, no reason should be considered invalid. If it bothers you enough that it has caused stress in your life and you are having a hard time coping, you will probably find it helpful to speak to a psychotherapist.


Transition Counseling Services

What types of services can you expect to experience from life transition counseling?

Typically, the counselor will help you develop the communication skills you need to work through your feelings associated with the changes you have experienced.

In addition to helping you develop those skills, a good counselor will also help you develop coping mechanisms.

Some transitional counseling services may include mindfulness therapy, accelerated resolution therapy (ART), walk + talk therapy, and journaling. 

You and your counselor will have therapy sessions regularly to help you work through your issues.

Transition Counseling and Wellness

How is transition counseling tied to your personal well-being? In reality, transition counseling and wellness go hand-in-hand.

When you are struggling with some form of transition in your life, it can become almost impossible to deal with the daily challenges life tends to present.

This, in turn, can cause you to lose sleep, experience increased levels of psychological and physical stress, wreak havoc on your eating habits, and in some instances even cause you to turn to substance abuse.

woman in gray top sitting beside a teapot with one hand reaching her back as if she is tired

In short, life transition related stress can do a real number on your overall health. 

That’s precisely why you need to seek transitional counseling. Learning to navigate the changes in your life successfully can help you stay healthy.

In fact, your physical and mental health may depend on your ability to seek and find effective transition counseling.


How Transition Counseling Can Help

If you’re wondering how transition counseling can help, you are not alone. The truth is, it can help you get a handle on the things that are now different in your life.

This is accomplished by helping you discover new ways to cope with the life changes that are outside of your control.

Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone in an environment where you can speak freely. At other times, activities like journaling and art can help.

The point is to reduce your level of stress and deal with the changes in your life so you can move forward in an appropriate manner.

Don’t hesitate to seek appropriate counseling if you are struggling. It really can make a significant difference in your life. 

I’m Selena Soni, LCSW. I specialize in helping people just like you work through adjustment disorders.

I’m available for in-person counseling sessions in my Scottsdale counseling center.

Or, if you prefer teletherapy, I’m licensed to provide online counseling to anyone in the state of Arizona.

Either way, if you are considering life transitions therapy, give me a call to talk about ways we can work together to get you feeling better.